At Wil-Mar Hydraulics & Machine, we focus on customer satisfaction, which means we strive to ensure that customers like you are completely happy with the equipment repairs we perform. Anyone who uses hydraulic equipment knows that hydraulic cylinders, valves, motors, and seals are important components of their machinery. That is why you must work with experienced personnel who are familiar with the components and functions of every part of your machinery. It’s vital that when you require hydraulic repairs, you partner with a family-owned and operated business that has the skills and expertise required to guarantee your equipment runs at optimal capacity for years to come.

Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing

Here at Wil-Mar, we offer a comprehensive line of hydraulic cylinders. Whatever your needs may be, we can tailor these quality products to your exact needs!

Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuilding and Machine Repairs

If your hydraulic equipment is down, your business is down. Thankfully, the folks at Wil-Mar Hydraulics & Machine are knowledgeable and ready to help. We offer component rebuilding, repair, and part replacement solutions to maximize your equipment’s performance and get it back up and running ASAP.

Hydraulic Equipment Motors

Whether you require a hydraulic motor or hoses and wires, we are ready to help. For over 37 years we have been providing quality service and replacement parts for all types of hydraulic equipment motors.

Hydraulic Pumps and Valves

At Wil-Mar Hydraulics & Machine, we have a variety of hydraulic pumps and valves. We can provide hydraulic pump products and services to meet your operation’s specific qualifications. Ask us how!

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